The implementation of the SDGs is impossible to accomplish without partnering with other stakeholders, such as NGOs and other entities. Aruba is collaborating with various national and international organizations, NGOs and businesses to successfully meet the 2030 Agenda, as set by the United Nations. Aruba, Curacao and St. Maarten all signed the UN Multi-Country Sustainable Development Framework (MSDF) for the Caribbean. The Framework intends to guarantee national ownership while promoting regional synergies in the implementation of the SDGs. It primarily focuses on the priority areas for the Caribbean that further structures collaboration with the UN system. The UN MSDF provides a platform for countries to access the global expertise and experience of the UN System at both the country and sub-regional levels.

International Partners

Aruba Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Development of Small Island Developing States



Nereus Program

University of Leuven

TNO Caribbean Branch


United Nations Development Programme

University of the District of Columbia